Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Alchemist

I have been away for awhile, too many things going, and  a little too much jumbled in my life. We had a fantastic trip to North Carolina into the most lush and whimsical of places, it truly renewed me, even though I did come back very sick, respiratory issues...We took a 2nd weekend to another magical almost prehistoric place, I love to hike it. We brought our soaps, and lotions to a festival and they did wonderfully. I have a new business venture, which sprung out of seemingly no where, I spoke it in jest and literally 15 minutes later, a partner approached me enthusiastically.  My daughters are going through some wonderful, and some painful transitions that cause me pain, and joy simultaneously, finances are strained which complicates every aspect of my life. So you see from my disjointed writing, my head space, and heart space, are in a jumble. I am very proud of the little business I started with my natural handmade body products, i have faith in them, I birthed and nurtured, and have great pride, and the most joy comes from the experimentation and creation, my family joined in, and we are all working together, they call me their Alchemist, I like that.  I was thinking today that I have to find my peace again, my calm, my connection. I have to become an Alchemist for myself in every aspect of my life. I have to value myself, and heal this recurrent sickness that I have. I have to concoct the ingredients of love, holding on, and letting go. I feel that I learned so much to embrace the light and even the dark, and know it is all part and parcel of my being.     

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