Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its been a while

It has been quite a while since I posted. I have been inside myself for a while and on my constant ongoing journey of trying to become a better, more.....satisfied human being. To keep my interest simple and meaningful. I have gained great inspiration from many new sources. It is truly amazing the way that opening your eyes, and trying to connect with others that you are inspired and it leads you down different paths and ways of thinking. I guess that is one reason that I havent blogged in a while, I have been absorbing, and appreciating new people in blog land, but in doing so. I see myself more clearly, amazing how that works. I am sure many of you figured that out long ago, and while I consider myself a pretty open person, I have been an introvert and maybe until recently did not fully invite or see what was out there, the giving nature of others, when they do not realize that sharing who they are gives validation, strength and inspiration to others.

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